Consumer Who? Consumer You

The type of Consumer that I am

Hmmm, What do I buy??

A lot about what I am reading so far is about doing market research about the Consumer. I find it interesting that we do not turn that around. Maybe then we could readily find our target market. Let me explain. The Consumer is in the drivers seat and we know what we want. So with that being said, I am that type of buyer (AMCI Global, N.D.). I don’t stray too much unless the current brand or item that I like is out of stock or no longer made. For example, if I like a particular brand of jeans because of how they fit, I will just buy that brand. I shop mainly online and at local stores like Target, Kohls or TJmax. I feel comfortable knowing that I have a go to place.

I also shop a lot on Amazon for home goods and personal items. Amazon is the largest and most successful retailer in the western world because they built the best customer experience. Customers expect 3 core things when they buy products online:

1. Large Selection

2 Consumers always want to find the product they are looking for

3. and, of course, this product should be in stock (Jordan, F., 2020).

Things that influence my buying decisions?

My friends and family influence me.  Also, online ads through Facebook and other outlets sometimes sway me into buying a certain item. If I am looking for a particular thing, I may go to a store that I don’t typically shop at. Even if I don’t actually buy something, as we all are, I am most likely exposed to marketing information in the form of advertisements, product information on packages, opinions from friends or family, and brand symbols on almost everything. These things seem to matter at the moment only to realize they are not filling any void (Kardes, F. N.D.).

Things that lead to my buying decision

There are several stages that lead me to make a purchase.   I mainly buy when something is needed.  I don’t binge shop and I don’t shop a lot.  I have a lot of nice clothes and I shop once or twice per season.  I typically spend what I can so that is a factor as well. For some of us it is an emotional pull or a mental/cognitive state that we find ourselves being compelled to buy. Maybe a sad commercial or exciting ad. Whatever the reason, we are all motivated by something to make a purchase. For example, I purchased a car in 2018 because I had a lease that needed to be turned in and decided to pay cash for a used Acura (Kardes, F., N.D.). Need is definitely a major component for my decisions to buy.

How I am influenced by marketing research and design?

Customer delight goes a step beyond customer perceived value, suggesting customer benefits that not only meet, but also exceed expectations in unanticipated ways (Kardes, F., N.D.). My husband researches everything that he purchases which rubbed off on me. I look for reviews before I purchase something and I am more influenced by those reviews than how the item is marketed and the packaging.

I tend to stick to a brand that works for me. Certain things that we buy like toilet paper matters. If we buy two ply the toilet backs up. So we stick to the on ply Scottie brand. When it comes to clothing, I look for comments on the fit/style etc. Almost all companies have a review page online these days so it is easier to find opinions about the things we buy (Kardes, F., N.D.).

My Post Purchase Behavior

I tend to get bored with things like when I receive an order from Amazon it may not look like it did online. I also have things that still have tags on them and don’t know why I have not worn them yet. It is really silly when you think about it. We get bored and toss things or give them away or hoard. The idea that something that works fine should be replaced is now so ingrained in our culture that few people question it. I sometimes feel guilty about the items I have with tags on them and plan to do better in donating rather than tossing things. Even things that are old to me could be of value to a person that does not have much (Vince, G., 2012).


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Going Green with Google – 2022


My Chosen Brand

Google Goes Green

Joining a slew of other hardware manufacturers, Google has announced that it will making a bigger move towards sustainability. While the company took steps to be more transparent in its environmental impact in 2018 by releasing environmental reports; Google is now taking its green initiative a step further. The sustainable solutions they are working on are:

*hardware and services will be carbon neutral by 2020.
*Made by Google products will include recycled materials also looking to maximize recycled content where possible by 2022
*Make technology that puts people first expanding the benefits of technology (Jones, T., 2019).

As of 2018, Google also announced they want to bring one million thermostats to families in need by 2023. This is how we will achieve our ambition to leave people, the planet, and our communities better than we found them (Megan, A., 2019).  This shows they are being socially and ethically responsible (Olsen, K., Veerman, B.).

How Google is Socially Responsible

Socially Responsible Investing - Chicory Wealth

To maintain its leadership as an innovative technology firm, Google must address the interests of its stakeholders through suitable corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies. The company’s current CSR efforts are comprehensive and satisfactory, based on international standards and expectations (Meyer, P., 2017). Their stakeholders included:

1. Users
2. Employees
3. Advertisers and customers
4. Investors
5. Governments
6. Communities (Meyer, P., 2017)

There is also details about how they need to do better in these areas and plan on doing more over the next two years. Based on the recent data, they are doing their due diligence in regards to social responsibility (Meyer, P., 2017).

Google and China, efforts to rewrite a tale, but with censorship
Google and China

Google had some issues with China in 2010. The company quietly developed a censored search engine for the country. They also participated in project Maven which uses artificial intelligence to interpret and categorize data for U.S. military forces, prompted internal controversy. Some Google employees quit, and thousands of others expressed opposition to work that could be used for weapons targeting (Sewall, S., 2018).

google legal

Google has had legal cases involving ethics issues with China. When a Web-surfer searched “Tiananmen Square” on Google’s Chinese language Web site in Los Angeles, reports of the 1989 demonstrations popped up. So if the same surfer entered the same words on Google’s Chinese language site in Beijing (at various times either nothing or innocuous history came up) (Heineman, B., 2010). 

In a post on its Web site from its chief legal officer, Google said that recent, repeated hacker attacks originating from China had compromised its intellectual property and threatened the confidentiality of “gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.” These events, Google said, raise issues of security, privacy and global free speech.  As of today Google and China have arrived on new terms and they shut down the site ( Their legal team handled (Heineman, B., 2010.).

The four pillars of sustainability
Environment or profit?

Google says they are a working to achieve a positive environmental impact throughout their value chain in five key ways:
1. by designing efficient data centers,
2. advancing carbon-free energy,
3. creating sustainable workplaces,
4. building better devices and services,
5. and empowering users with technology (Environmental Report, 2020).

In regards to technology and other Google tools they are making money. So I would suggest they are focused on both, but seem to tackle these areas separately.


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Benefits of Twitter/Social Media

Social Media marketing Services and Its Benefits - GeeksChip
Social Media Marketing & it’s Benefits
How to Post Videos on Twitter - The Complete Guide - Magisto Blog

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods used to syndicate content and increase your business’ visibility. Implementing a social media strategy will greatly increase your brand recognition since you will be engaging with a broad audience of consumers. To get started, create social media profiles for your business and begin interacting with others. Staying present is key and will pay off eventually (Blue Fountain Media, N.D.).

Without marketing your business on social media, your inbound traffic is limited to your usual customers. The people familiar with your brand are likely searching for the same keywords you already rank for. Without utilizing social media as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll have much more difficulty reaching anyone outside of your loyal customer circle. Every social media profile you add to your marketing mix is a gateway to your website, and every piece of content you post is another opportunity to acquire a new customer (Blue Fountain Media, N.D.).

Twitter is an American micro blogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read them (Wikepedia, N.D.).

I have been a registered user of Twitter for about four years now. The past two years I use it primarily for my company. From hashtags and pinned tweets to Twitter lists and social media influencers, there’s a lot to Twitter. With the right marketing plan, businesses can use the platform to create successful social media campaigns to increase sales, boost brand recognition and increase customer service (Driver, S., 2019). 

I utilize the hashtag tips and use video ads for my posts/content. I get moderate engagement and a lot of views. I believe it is good to have Twitter just to present a strong social media presence, but I do not get any business from that particular page. My business opportunities come from LinkedIn and Alignable.

The Main Benefits of Online Marketing

The main benefits of marketing online are:
Advanced Targeting
Direct Access to customers
Brand Awareness
Lower Advertising Cost
Building a Community
Increased Leads & Sales (Lyfe Marketing, N.D.).

Each benefit of social media described above are all different factors that play a role in your campaign results. But knowing the benefits of social media will not be enough. However, knowing allows you to plan for success. Now you can implement the right strategies for your business to reap the results you want, namely insights for marketing campaigns (Lyfe Marketing, N.D.).

insights – digitalAudience – gain insights of your target audience ...


First off, let’s establish this:
Customer Insights are not solely data points. Yes, numbers are involved, but:

Marketing insights are the more reasoned thoughts and conclusions established based on analysis of data and information established from market research, surveys, and so forth.

According to a talk from Morgan Shorey, “Insight (is) a truth which until now has not been leveraged, but if leveraged will generate revenue.” Marketing insights are the more reasoned thoughts and conclusions established based on analysis of data and information established from market research, surveys, and so forth. With measurable data that is built withing the various platforms marketers can download information, manually track and measure in excel or through online analytics tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer (Windsor, A., 2019).

They can measure things such as number of likes, Customer reach, Engagement, impressions, number of followers/growth and more. With the world living in a time were technology can take business owners to the customer, being online makes sense (Windsor, A., 2019).


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My Social Media Presence Matters

About me

Hello, my name is Lydia Graham of CT.  I was 47 and decided to go back to school finishing my Business Communications degree minoring in Marketing with a focus on New Age Media.  Twenty years ago I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life so I decided to live it.  I raised two beautiful young ladies who are now college graduated and the other has 2.5 years left.  I am remarried and currently enrolled in Business Communications minoring in Marketing with a focus on New age media. 

What I Do

I own and operate my own virtual marketing firm from my home office in Shelton, CT. I am looking to partner with other experts once I make those connections. I am currently enrolled at Southern NH University working towards my Business Communications degree minoring in marketing with a focus on New media. For information about my company, see my here: Company Website


Media has changed quite a bit since 1971 when I was born.  People still read the paper however most of us read the news online via, or of course social media as well as tons of other online resources.  Most of us receive and review updates in our feed about what is going on with our current political situation through Facebook and Twitter

We all know that social media has grown exponentially in the last decade.  With over 2.45 billion users Facebook is a platform to be reckoned with.  Email through direct messaging via FB messenger is very easy to use.  Twitter is also growing. Hashtags and popular handles are the best sources of growth tactics here.  Instagram is well known for graphics that attract engagement.  LinkedIn is an excellent platform for business to business connections (Moz, 2019).

Who I Look Up To

A company that I recently noticed within the past four months on social media that really impressed me is Sienna Sauce.  This is a homemade sauce that was created by a mother and daughter duo.  The daughter is 15 years of age.  They made this sauce because a local wing place near their home closed and they loved the sauce.  What they created was even better and can be used on anything.  Tyla Simone is inspirational so I retweet and reshare her content.  As a fellow African American entrepreneur, she truly rocks!  

Where They Can Be Found

So far I have found them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Their Facebook and Instagram platforms seem to be growing steadily however Twitter and LinkedIn seem to not have significant growth.  They have been featured on major networks and local media outlets.  They also do live videos showing different events where they feature their wings and sauce.  Here is their website which also has their social media channels listed:


I never thought in a million years I would be here in this vast world of social media frenzy. I have learned through my course work and through experience in marketing online that it does not happen just because I create a fancy post. Dare I say this may be just as tough as the days of door to door sales. At least then we were able to see the individuals face to face. I will stay the course though. After all, I do believe in what I am doing and that my presence matters.


Moz (2019). Welcome to the Beginners Guide to Social Media. Retrieved from

Marketing Implications

Twitter marketing implications &
how it ties to my personal use

English - North America - Twitter Marketing
Twitter for marketing and personal use

I chose to focus on Twitter for this blog post. I am learning about this platform, so I figured why not write about it and share my research. Social Media and the concept of it has changed over the past 10-15 years. Unlike other communications and entertainment mediums, social media is built on a non-linear concept. It is not one to many; rather, it is many to many. Personally I get confused at some of the posts and comments that are deemed normal. I come from a time that was more private and we did not share our thoughts, ideas or emotions easily. Now people share just about anything through discussion boards, groups and more (Agresta, Stephanie, et al, 2010).

To imply something is to draw a conclusion without it being said. Needless to say, business owners use social media most likely to gain traffic towards their websites and social platforms. This is good because it eliminates the need to make constant cold calls. Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users and 145 active daily users. Out of these 63 percent are between the ages of 35 and 65 (Lin, Ying, 2019). It hosts all types of tweeters from business owners to celebrities. I myself use it for my company and have over nine hundred followers and growing since 2018.

At first glance, it may seem like the only way to use Twitter is just to show up and start Tweeting. While you do want to be prepared with plenty of content, there are some strategies that successful businesses use to stand out on the platform and use it to their advantage. Let’s dive into some Twitter marketing tips that any brand can use to make the most out of the platform. I do not use for personal use. The posts that I see from other accounts that use it for personal reasons and do well have some type of hook and following (Sproutsocial, N.D.).

Table of Contents

Response to Marketing implications

Sharing content and syndicating it across multiple channels has never been easier. Think of it: You can view a friend’s or colleague’s news feed on Facebook or a status update on Twitter, and then re-post their news to share it with your own user base. There is no conscious daily response where a marketer sits and spends their day so focused on the implications that is measurable in a clearly noted way (Agresta, Stephanie, et al, 2010).

In other words, the above list of marketing tips are a part of many that has been put together by marketing experts in the digital marketing industry to gain traffic and measure their success. One may spend a few hours focused on content development and posting and other parts of the day with emails or managing reports. Some of the things listed above may not ever have a response or be analyzed and that could be because one person cannot do it all (Tennison, M., 2019). With that being said, my company has partnered with a digital marketing company named GeoReach. Together we offer a full service marketing solution and we work with companies across the nation.

Another fact is that for most business owners, social media does not get instant followers and extensive growth overnight, it takes time sometimes years to develop and build true connections. So the response to marketing implications changes along with the marketing strategy, platform and results. Sometimes you may have to tweak content and posts or your web page in order to shift with the current stats that are measured by changes that are out of our control. For example the recent pandemic. We are now in a world that has shifted overnight with death, job loss, remote work and homeschooling and the anxiety of adapting to it all (Lansonsky, R., N.D.).

Doing business/clicking
on ads in Twitter

Marketing Implications (Twitter)
MarkeAds in Twitter

As far as marketing topics go, pay per click (PPC) is always a hot topic. This is something that everyone from the solopreneur building a business out of their parent’s spare bedroom to the head of a multinational enterprise wants to perfect. But look around and you’ll notice a trend. You’ll find copious amounts of content on Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook Ads, but next to nothing on Twitter (Boyle, P., N.D.). I myself mainly make purchases through a couple of trendy clothing sites like Venus and Target. I also, purchase a lot through Amazon.

The main takeaway here is social media is the place to be for businesses, for personal use it is all about the individual. It is all about feeling connected and if you make a purchase online it is about trust and reviews. You will not find much on Twitter for personal use, mainly trending topics and discussions that you can take part in (Boyle, P., N.D.).


Who to Ask for a Reference When You Can't Ask Your Boss – UConn ...

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